Read-a-thon: Revised Book Choices

6 Apr

So I got excited the other day and posted quite an extravagant reading list of books that I MIGHT read during the 24 hour read-a-thon this weekend.  Granted, I knew up front that I wouldn’t be able to read all of those nor will I be able to read all of the ones now listed on the “revised” list below, but at least this list stands a better chance.  I shall try to post a picture of the books listed below on Friday, however a few I only have in e-book format (noted with **) so they won’t be included.

Fast Reading Novels

**Soul Screamers #4: My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent  (teen)
Blood Coven #4: Bad Blood by Mary Mancusi  (teen)
**Blood Coven #5: Night School by Mary Mancusi  (teen)
**Love Story #3: Bite Me by Christopher Moore  (paranormal comedy)
Me, Myself and Why by MaryJanice Davidson  (romantic comedy)

100-ish Pages
Teratologist by Edward Lee & Wrath James White (horror)
The Third House by Andy Deane (horror)
Everyone Dies Famous in a Small Town by Wrath James White (horror)
Grape City by Kevin L. Donihe (bizarro)
Sex Dungeon For Sale! by Patrick Wensink (bizarro)
The Faggiest Vampire by Carlton Mellick III (bizarro)
Dinner Bell for the Dream Worms by Jason Wuchenich (bizarro)

Short Story Collections:
Heaveworld by Cullen Bunn (gross-out)
Blood Lite by Various Authors (comic horror)
Blood Lite II: Overbite by Various Authors (comic horror)
**Best New Vampire Tales Vol. 1 by Various Authors (horror)

Comic Collections:
Jack of Fables #3-6
Fables #13-14 + 2 standalones
Buffy Omnibus #3-4
Emily the Strange #1-2


If all else fails, re-read:
Jeff Strand Novels (they always make me laugh)
Harry Potter Series (wanting to re-read before the final movie comes out this summer)

The other series books I had listed before (and others) will still be available to me, but the above books are more likely to be read since they are shorter and will probably keep my attention better during such an intense reading session.

On another note… my boyfriend finally posted his initial blog post regarding the read-a-thon so go check that out… and if you’ve yet to sign up for the read-a-thon, there’s still time.  Just go here:

Only about 57 more hours to wait!  Guess I should try getting to bed at a decent time the next couple of nights.  🙂


3 Responses to “Read-a-thon: Revised Book Choices”

  1. SarahEm April 7, 2011 at 1:45 am #

    Hi, I stumbled upon this blog via twitter. Sex Dungeon For Sale! has been on my wish-list forever. I hope you enjoy your reads. I might have to make a trip to the library for my stack because I don’t have too many short reads. Have fun during the read-a-thon. 🙂

  2. sanddanz April 7, 2011 at 12:25 pm #

    Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll try to make sure Sex Dungeon For Sale! is one of the reads I get to on Saturday so I can let you know what I think of it. I have been wanting to get to it for a while now anyway. Where are you posting your updates at for the read-a-thon? I’d love to pop by and see what you’re up to. 🙂

  3. SarahEm April 7, 2011 at 2:31 pm #

    I’ll be posting updates on my Tumblr and (probably) Twitter.

    And please don’t feel any pressure to read Sex Dungeon for Sale!. I definitely know how much it sucks to be reading something you don’t want to read or feeling bad if you didn’t get to it.

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