Short Story #4 – The Dump by Joe R. Lansdale

4 Jan

One of my goals in reading a short story a day is to try out a lot of new-to-me authors.  So far I’ve been doing just that and tonight’s story is no exception to this.  Joe R. Lansdale has made quite a name for himself in the horror industry and after having read this short story by him, I’m wondering why I haven’t picked his books up sooner.  This story was actually in one of the collections that Barnes & Noble puts out entitled 100 Creepy Little Creature Stories so The Dump tells the story of a creature that was created in the garbage dump.  Said creature reminded me of No-Face from the anime movie Spirited Away (If you haven’t seen this film, I highly recommend it!) in respect to its appearance somewhat and especially to how it eats and survives.  The picture below is of No-Face.

Another thing that made tonight’s short story read special was that I read it aloud to Craig.  Ever since I was little I always loved reading aloud and sometimes still do it when I’m by myself at home.  🙂  Craig seemed to enjoy this story quite a lot as well.  He said he has read some of Lansdale’s comics, but never his prose so this was basically an author new to the both of us and I doubt we’ll stop at this one story.

And just as an extra… for those that have NOT seen Spirited Away (again, rectify this soon!!!)… here is the trailer for the movie:


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