Short Story #5 – The Frog Prince by The Brothers Grimm

5 Jan

Have started with the fairy tales in the Brothers Grimm book that I remembered reading as a kid before moving on to the new-to-me tales.  However, I’m finding that the classics may be just as new to me.  Tonight I read the tale of The Frog Prince and I remember as a little girl hearing this story and seeing cartoons about how the princess would meet a frog and he’d trick her into kissing him which turned him into a prince.  The real story is slightly different however in that the princess is a bratty girl who doesn’t want to keep her promises to the frog and when he keeps making his requests she gets tired of hearing from him and lunges him at the wall in attempt to shut him up permanently.  Her attempt at killing him was unsuccessful though  and ends up turning him into a prince instead, which she in turn ends up marrying.  The story didn’t really seem to say whether she was truly happy with the idea of marrying this frog-turned-prince though and I’m wondering if she remained such a b**** to him in the future or if she ended up being rather shallow and finding that just his change of appearance alone was enough to make her happy in marriage.  It’s actually a pretty dark and depressing fairy tale actually… not the happily ever after I was recalling.

The below reading of the story (apologies for the horrible reader in advance, but it’s one of the shortest clips I stumbled upon)  is closer to what I remembered, though it doesn’t have the kiss in it.  Definitely a much nicer ending than the actual story though.  I actually kind of prefer the darker version as it brings out the true b**** in at least one of the fairy tale princesses.  LOL!


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