Short Story #7 – Curse of the Blind Eel by James Roy Daley

7 Jan

This post is about a re-read story.  I was telling Craig about how this story had me laughing so hard on the initial read of it that I had tears streaming down my face so decided to share it with him.  He didn’t laugh as hard as I did the first time, but still found it amusing.  It wasn’t AS funny to me this time only because of the fact I had read it before and what I found so amusing the first time was just how many euphemisms Daley could come up with for “poop”.  Yes, this is definitely a bathroom humor story so if you’re not a fan of those, you might want to skip it.  But… it’s also a vampire story (no, not of the sparkly variety) so I’m sure that adds points for many.  If you can track this story down, I’d recommend doing so.  Your best bet is to contact Novello Publishers/Nick Cato and see if they still have copies of the Dark Jesters horror/comedy anthology still available.  It’s a great collection!


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