Short Story #9: Buyer Beware by Tim Waggoner

9 Jan

Cracked open yet another short story collection tonight title 100 Wicked Little Witch Stories, which was a Barnes & Noble exclusive.  Upon finding the familiar name of one of my favorite authors, Tim Waggoner, I knew what my first story should be in it.  Buyer Beware follows the events that occur when a witch who has tendencies to give into peer pressure and the link as she goes car shopping.  Yes, I know, witches are supposed to ride brooms as this particular witch usually does.  Unfortunately, her broom was currently in the middle of being repaired and brooms take longer to fix than cars it seems.  In order for this little witch to not be influenced by the car salesman she tries every ward she can to make herself not give into the pressure.  In the end she feels she did well by managing to get them to drop the price by several hundred dollars, but as she journeys home she realizes that her bargain might not have been such a good deal after all.

Yet another fine story for my #storyeachnight blog posts.  Tim Waggoner has yet to disappoint me with his writing, though, so I knew going in I was in for a treat.  Of course, I had to laugh when the pubic hair of a mummy was mentioned, as I totally wasn’t expecting a line such as it was to show up in this story.  LOL!  Tim always keeps his readers guessing though.  You should see that for yourself by checking out some of his novels:


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