Short Story #10: Meeting Dad by Tim Waggoner

10 Jan

After last night’s read Tim Waggoner informed me of a prequel to the story Buyer Beware that appeared in an anthology titled Prom Night.  As luck would have it, I had the anthology already waiting on my shelf, so figured it was as good as time as any to read the prequel tonight.  🙂

The witch, Isobel, from Buyer Beware is getting ready to go to the prom in the story Meeting Dad.  While she is preparing her date arrives and has to deal with what all boys dread… meeting the father.  In his case, however, he probably has a lot more to worry about as he doesn’t know the “family secret” regarding their witch heritage.  The boy gets more and more freaked out about things but chooses to blame it all on nerves, until the father finally manages to convince him that it’s not just nerves.

If only all dads had the power that Isobel’s does in this story.  I’m sure it’d make a lot more teenage boys think twice about how they act around girls.  I sure know my dad would have loved to pull a trick similar to this dad’s a time or two.

I actually liked this story a bit more than Buyer Beware… probably due to the more humorous elements to the story.  I kind of wish there was a full novel including the adventures of Isobel as she was growing up and all the things she had to deal with.



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