12 Jan

If you haven’t been following all the chaos on Twitter & Facebook for the past week or so regarding the Epic Kindle Giveaway, then you must live in a hole somewhere or completely avoid anything and everything related to books.  And if that’s the case… 1) you probably won’t stumble upon this blog post anyway and 2) I feel very, VERY sorry for you!  I won’t ramble on and on about how I feel about reading and what you can get out of it, but c’mon people… reading is fun!

As for those that do like to read… Scott Nicholson, J.R. Rain, Aiden James, and H.T. Night have put together an absolutely amazing contest!  They are giving away $1,000 in prizes, including four Kindle Fires, $200 in Amazon gift cards, and 45 free Kindle books.  There is a chance, as well, of two more Kindle Fires being added to the mix if we can get their books bumped up to #1 on the Amazon list.  And I’m not talking about you having to BUY any books… that’s the even better thing… they are FREE!!!  That’s right… absolutely free!  If you visit the event blog there is a list of all the FREE books on the left side.  Just click through to amazon and “buy” them all right away.  If we can get at least one of the books to #1 on the “top 100 free Kindle books” another Kindle Fire is added as a prize.  And if we can fill the top 10 spots with books by these authors they’ll put in another.  What’s the harm?  You get chances at awesome prizes and if nothing else, you have free Kindle books to read.

You say “but I don’t have a Kindle to read the FREE books on so why download?”.  Pish posh!  Download the Kindle App on your computer, on your smart phone, or on a tablet.  If you don’t have any of these things… well, maybe you’ll win the Fire!  🙂

Say it with me now…














3 Responses to “#EpicKindleGiveaway”

  1. Scott Nicholson January 12, 2012 at 6:49 pm #

    Rhonda, thanks for mentioning our contest. The Kindle Fairy randomly found you through a Google search and wants me to give you a $10 gift card! Please email epickindlegiveaway AT yahoo with your preferred Amazon email address, and you are still eligible for Kindle Fires! Good luck.

    • sanddanz January 12, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

      Awesome!!! Thanks so much Scott! This really is an EPIC contest! #epickindlegiveaway 🙂


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    […] #epickindlegiveaway that Scott Nicholson and a few other authors are hosting  (see my previous blog post for details), I decided tonight’s short story read should be one of Scott’s.  So I […]

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