Short Story #11 – Eat Me by Scott Nicholson

12 Jan

In honor of the #epickindlegiveaway that Scott Nicholson and a few other authors are hosting  (see my previous blog post for details), I decided tonight’s short story read should be one of Scott’s.  So I chose another little quick 2-page story from the collection SMALL BITES. This was in the zombie section and titled EAT ME.  If I hadn’t known this was supposed to be a zombie story it could almost have been a cannibalistic story in the sense that these two people were eating each other, however one seemed to have a bigger craving than the other since they outlived (or should I say, became undead) them.  Yes, this story is only two pages long, but Scott makes a huge impact with what few words he has worked with.  It’s extremely lyrical and well-written.  Just a great little “piece”.  (pun fully intended)

This book is hard to come by, but there are many, MANY great reads by Scott over at Amazon readily available for your Kindle or Kindle app and if you stop by today and tomorrow you will find a lot of them for absolutely free.  So don’t delay… head over to Amazon now!


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