Short Story #12: Dog, Cat and Baby by Joe R. Lansdale

14 Jan

After reading Lansdale’s story, THE DUMP, a few days ago I was set to read more of his work.  As luck would have it, I found another story in the same anthology by called DOG, CAT AND BABY.  The way this story is written almost reminds me of the Dick and Jane books.  You know, “See Spot.  See Spot Run.” and on and on… not QUITE that simplified but kind of.  The reason for this is that the story is taken from the perspective of the dog in the story or so it seemed at the beginning but at the end I realized it was actually told by the cat.  The cat was telling the story about how things changed in its household when a baby was born to be added into the family that already had both a cat and dog.  The baby seemed to take over and be the new favorite which left the dog and cat just slightly resentful.  Can you imagine how the cat and dog reacted to this?  If you want to find out how… you should check out this super fun story by Joe R. Lansdale!


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