Lack of updates & such

29 Jan

So, I started off the year doing the short story a night thing.  I haven’t fully abandoned ship on that, but I’ve had some other stuff taking up my time.  For anyone that might’ve been enjoying reading those blog posts, thanks, and there will be more to come.  🙂  I also plan to mix things up a bit more and try to post other stuff here as well.  Life has just been more hectic than usual the last couple of weeks, plus the addition of the migraines don’t help.  I have a lot of hobbies, which is both good and bad, as I tend to get hung upon one and not have time for the others, then feel bad about not getting around to the others.  I miss working on my Japanese and am hoping to get some stuff accomplished enough soon that I can get back on that.  Of course, my biggest project right now is de-cluttering my apartment.  I have been working on it for a long time, but am to the point that I just want it done!  Therefore I’m going to be focusing on it more so and not allowing myself to find something better to do.  I’m starting with the library as working on purging it seems to keep me working at the de-clutter project more so since I’m working with books, which always makes me happy.  Once I clear out a bunch more books I will have either more shelf space, more floor space, or both, which will then allow me to work easier at de-cluttering OTHER crap from my apartment.  It’s a big project, but it’s one I’m determined to finish.  So… in the meantime, short story posts to pop up here and there, but probably not EVERY day as I originally intended… random review posts of books, movies, etc…  And random ramblings as well.  Oh… and a couple of days this week at least you will find me raving about the next big contest to the #epickindlegiveaway.  Still waiting on the details for that one though, but it’s called the Big Kindle Boogie, which sounds fun to me!



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