Spring Into Horror Days 1 & 2

20 Apr

spring into horror 2016_zpsq4u52wkx

Just wanted to give a quick update on my reading status for this week’s marathon.  I haven’t had nearly as much time as I would like to read but I have knocked out a little bit.

In A.J. Matthews THE WHITE ROOM, I have read only the first 3 chapters so I’m not in full swing with it yet.  I always start out a little slow in a book until I really get into the swing of things.  Hopefully in the next 24 hours I’ll be able to really start getting into the main part of the story.

I have also been trying to read a story each night in BLOOD LITE.  Monday night I read Kelley Armstrong’s “The Ungrateful Dead” about a girl who can see the dead and finds a way to get rid of a ghost that is annoying her.  Tuesday night I continued on in the anthology with a story by Joe R. Lansdale titled “Mr. Bear”.  Lansdale’s tale tells the sordid story of Smokey the Bear’s true nature.  Both of these stories were a lot of fun, however I found myself shaking my head and laughing numerous times at the thought of Smokey the Bear doing the things depicted in the story.

Looking forward to moving further along in THE WHITE ROOM tonight and also seeing what the next tale in BLOOD LITE has in store for me.  Speaking of… the next story is titled “Hell in a Handbasket” and was written by Lucien Soulban.  I have met Lucien at a past Mo*Con convention and he is a super nice guy so looking forward to finally getting the change to read some of his work.

Will update again in another day or two with my progress.  I hope everyone else that is involved in the read-a-thon this week is having a great time!  If you haven’t joined yet, click on the picture above as you still have several days of reading you can get in.

One Response to “Spring Into Horror Days 1 & 2”

  1. truebookaddict April 25, 2017 at 1:11 am #

    I’ve seen your posts in the Facebook group so glad to see you’re still with us. Thanks for joining in on Spring into Horror. Enjoy the second week!

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