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Approach to Reading

22 Mar

Was just thinking about the fact that it seems I do a bit more reading nowadays with the whole e-book world out there.  I still don’t get nearly as much read as I’d like given how many books are waiting for me on Mt. TBR.  I just hope that there will be a way to take them all with me when I leave this world one day.  🙂  At any rate,  I now read 3 different ways…

1 – Print Books (the old-fashioned way) – this is actually my least favorite method of reading nowadays, but it is still nice to occasionally pick up a print book.  And since some of my review books I receive are in print rather than electronic format, I don’t have a choice.

2 – Electronic Books via my Kindle Fire – My favorite method of reading ’cause I *SO* love my Kindle Fire!!!  On there I have access to almost 2,000 books I’ve gotten from Amazon (most for free as there are so many generous authors out there) plus I have put all of my waiting-to-be-read review books on there and some other books that I want to read sooner rather than later.  I read on this as much as possible as I especially like that I can read in the dark in bed at night without a reading light of any kind.  In addition to reading on it, I also can check my email, facebook, play words with friends, etc… on there so it’s a handy all-in-one tool for me whenever I’m anywhere with wi-fi accessibility.  🙂

3 – Electronic Books via my Droid RAZR Phone – Yes, despite now having the Kindle Fire I do still read on my phone.  I know I’m bad in doing so, but I do read some while driving… especially at stop lights and such.  *grin*  I can usually get in a short story or a chapter or two between work and home each day by doing so and I do hate losing reading time.  Also, the phone is easy to have with me no matter where I go since it’s small and light, plus it’s ALWAYS with me anyway.

So what about you?  How do you like to read?  What formats do you read in?  I know that some people hate the idea of e-books and I’m not trying to start any kind of bashing war here.  We all have our preferences on how we do things so I’m just curious of your own preferences.  🙂

The other thing I wanted to talk about here is picking your next read.  Since I read in three formats as I mentioned above, I am typically in the middle of three books.  I tend to read shorter stuff on my phone, typically short story collections and novellas.  But as for exactly what I choose to read, I just go for what strikes my fancy at the time.  I know that I should probably read the review books I get in the order they come in, but if I did so I’d either be reading a LOT slower or end up giving more negative reviews due to reading books that I really am not in the mood for.

How do you decide what to read next?

If you look over to the right of my blog you should be able to see my current reads via the GoodReads widget I have plugged in there.  In case it’s not working however, my current reads are as follows:

In Print:


On my Kindle Fire:

On my Droid RAZR:

 What are you reading?

Lack of updates & such

29 Jan

So, I started off the year doing the short story a night thing.  I haven’t fully abandoned ship on that, but I’ve had some other stuff taking up my time.  For anyone that might’ve been enjoying reading those blog posts, thanks, and there will be more to come.  🙂  I also plan to mix things up a bit more and try to post other stuff here as well.  Life has just been more hectic than usual the last couple of weeks, plus the addition of the migraines don’t help.  I have a lot of hobbies, which is both good and bad, as I tend to get hung upon one and not have time for the others, then feel bad about not getting around to the others.  I miss working on my Japanese and am hoping to get some stuff accomplished enough soon that I can get back on that.  Of course, my biggest project right now is de-cluttering my apartment.  I have been working on it for a long time, but am to the point that I just want it done!  Therefore I’m going to be focusing on it more so and not allowing myself to find something better to do.  I’m starting with the library as working on purging it seems to keep me working at the de-clutter project more so since I’m working with books, which always makes me happy.  Once I clear out a bunch more books I will have either more shelf space, more floor space, or both, which will then allow me to work easier at de-cluttering OTHER crap from my apartment.  It’s a big project, but it’s one I’m determined to finish.  So… in the meantime, short story posts to pop up here and there, but probably not EVERY day as I originally intended… random review posts of books, movies, etc…  And random ramblings as well.  Oh… and a couple of days this week at least you will find me raving about the next big contest to the #epickindlegiveaway.  Still waiting on the details for that one though, but it’s called the Big Kindle Boogie, which sounds fun to me!


Short Story Break

11 Jan

So, have been fighting with major headaches the last couple of days again and haven’t found anything even touching them, so taking a break tonight from the short stories.  I shall try to add an extra one in this weekend to make up for it.  Hope to be back here tomorrow night with another great read to share.

The Forgotten Blog

1 Jan

For Valentine’s Day 2011 Craig bought me my own URL, which I fairly quickly linked up to a WordPress account in order to host my blog there.  I started blogging fairly regularly with book reviews, information on self-learning Japanese, etc… but fairly quickly this blog was dumped into that area of my life that I get too busy for and don’t keep up with.

It’s now 2012 so a new year will allow a new try.  I do have an idea that will hopefully get me to at least post SOMETHING every day though.  One of my reading resolutions for this year is to read a short story every day.  So, my plan is to come here and post a mini-review kind of thing for each one I read.  And hopefully, if I am visiting WordPress every day I’ll be inspired to blog about other things as well.  🙂

Now… to do some reading so I have that first short story read to post about before the night comes to an end.  More soon…