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Short Story #10: Meeting Dad by Tim Waggoner

10 Jan

After last night’s read Tim Waggoner informed me of a prequel to the story Buyer Beware that appeared in an anthology titled Prom Night.  As luck would have it, I had the anthology already waiting on my shelf, so figured it was as good as time as any to read the prequel tonight.  🙂

The witch, Isobel, from Buyer Beware is getting ready to go to the prom in the story Meeting Dad.  While she is preparing her date arrives and has to deal with what all boys dread… meeting the father.  In his case, however, he probably has a lot more to worry about as he doesn’t know the “family secret” regarding their witch heritage.  The boy gets more and more freaked out about things but chooses to blame it all on nerves, until the father finally manages to convince him that it’s not just nerves.

If only all dads had the power that Isobel’s does in this story.  I’m sure it’d make a lot more teenage boys think twice about how they act around girls.  I sure know my dad would have loved to pull a trick similar to this dad’s a time or two.

I actually liked this story a bit more than Buyer Beware… probably due to the more humorous elements to the story.  I kind of wish there was a full novel including the adventures of Isobel as she was growing up and all the things she had to deal with.



Short Story #9: Buyer Beware by Tim Waggoner

9 Jan

Cracked open yet another short story collection tonight title 100 Wicked Little Witch Stories, which was a Barnes & Noble exclusive.  Upon finding the familiar name of one of my favorite authors, Tim Waggoner, I knew what my first story should be in it.  Buyer Beware follows the events that occur when a witch who has tendencies to give into peer pressure and the link as she goes car shopping.  Yes, I know, witches are supposed to ride brooms as this particular witch usually does.  Unfortunately, her broom was currently in the middle of being repaired and brooms take longer to fix than cars it seems.  In order for this little witch to not be influenced by the car salesman she tries every ward she can to make herself not give into the pressure.  In the end she feels she did well by managing to get them to drop the price by several hundred dollars, but as she journeys home she realizes that her bargain might not have been such a good deal after all.

Yet another fine story for my #storyeachnight blog posts.  Tim Waggoner has yet to disappoint me with his writing, though, so I knew going in I was in for a treat.  Of course, I had to laugh when the pubic hair of a mummy was mentioned, as I totally wasn’t expecting a line such as it was to show up in this story.  LOL!  Tim always keeps his readers guessing though.  You should see that for yourself by checking out some of his novels:

Short Story #7 – Curse of the Blind Eel by James Roy Daley

7 Jan

This post is about a re-read story.  I was telling Craig about how this story had me laughing so hard on the initial read of it that I had tears streaming down my face so decided to share it with him.  He didn’t laugh as hard as I did the first time, but still found it amusing.  It wasn’t AS funny to me this time only because of the fact I had read it before and what I found so amusing the first time was just how many euphemisms Daley could come up with for “poop”.  Yes, this is definitely a bathroom humor story so if you’re not a fan of those, you might want to skip it.  But… it’s also a vampire story (no, not of the sparkly variety) so I’m sure that adds points for many.  If you can track this story down, I’d recommend doing so.  Your best bet is to contact Novello Publishers/Nick Cato and see if they still have copies of the Dark Jesters horror/comedy anthology still available.  It’s a great collection!

Short Story #6: Stand By Your Zombie by William D. Gagliani

6 Jan

This is a short (2 pages) and “sweet” little tale by one of my favorite authors, Bill Gagliani.  The story shows how a woman seems to fall more “in love” with her husband after he gets infected with the zombie virus.  The story is a bit romantic, a bit sick, and a lot of fun.  If you get a chance to read it, do!  And if not, as I know the book I read it in (Small Bites) is kind of hard to come by nowadays, check out the rest of his books…

Gagliani on Amazon

Short Story #3 – Rumpelstiltskin by the Brothers Grimm

3 Jan

Has been years since I read this old fairy tale, but it still holds up today.  I actually had forgotten exactly how it ended in regards to what became of Rumpelstiltskin at the end of the tale.  I have always been a fan of  fairy tales and especially fairy tales that have been re-done in some twisted way.  Most recently I’ve become a fan of the show Once Upon a Time.  I usually don’t watch much TV, but started watching out of curiosity since it was about fairy tales and also because I had attended school with one of the leads (Josh Dallas) years ago.  I’m looking forward to reading more tales out of this Grimm’s collection that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas as many of the stories I’m not familiar with at all.

Short Story #2 – The Disquieting Muse by Kathe Koja

2 Jan

Kathe Koja is another that has been recommended to me over the years, but I hadn’t picked up before now.  I must say, if the writing style of this story is a good example of her writing, I don’t think it’s my cup of tea.  The first half of the story I wasn’t really enjoying at all.  It got a bit more interesting in the second half, but the ending left me wondering how it could’ve fallen so flat.  Based on the recommendations, however, I shall give this author another try, but so far I’m not finding her style to my liking.  I s’pose I can’t like everyone though.  🙂

Short Story #1 – Hungry Skin by Lucy Taylor

1 Jan

Lucy Taylor is an author that has been mentioned to me numerous times due to her writing mostly erotic horror, which is one of my favorite sub-genres of horror.  This story, Hungry Skin, was the first story I have ever read by her.

Initially this story doesn’t appear to be a horror story, but as the heroine, Mica, goes in search of finding out more about her recently deceased father’s artwork, there is a slight change in events.  The artwork depicted in this story would be extremely interesting to see in real life if it ever existed, especially the piece described as Medusa’s head with phalluses in place of where the snakes are typically.

Looking forward to finding more of Taylor’s work to read in the future.