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Wild Girls by Lisa Morton

26 Feb

The “wild girls” mentioned in this novella’s title are Jessie and Dens.  Jessie has had a rough life growing up and Dens has decided to take her in and try to help her out.  Little did Dens know that when she offered Jessie a place to stay for the night that her life was going to change so much.  That’s just what happens, though, as Jessie seeks out the ultimate revenge on her father, and men in general.

As a seasoned fan of Morton’s work, the contents of this book were not at all what I was expecting from her.  Yes, it included her typical tougher-than-nails female lead character, but it also included mutilation, rape, and lots of killings.  This is not her typical style, which made it a bit humorous in the sense of being able to tell that it was a bit of a jab at some of the other authors in the field that tend to write solely about these kinds of things.  However, Morton’s spin on this was that she reversed the roles, and instead of the typical dynamic of males attacking females, she wrote about the females attacking the males.  That being said, she held her own in this sub-genre of the horror industry and wrote a fun and gruesome novella.  Readers that don’t take kindly to rape and mutilation, please pass on this particular Morton title, but be sure to check out one of her other books as I promise you will enjoy this author.  For those of you that don’t mind a bit of violence and abuse in your books, be sure to give this one a try, as it’s only a $0.99 download for your Kindle. Highly Recommended!

Contains:  Adult Language, Adult Situations, Mutilation, Rape, Violence

Review also posted at MonsterLibrarian.


Kindle Book Recommendation: Romance Novel by P.J. Jones

6 Feb

My awesome friend, Jenn, just recommended a book to me via her blog.  The book is ROMANCE NOVEL by PJ Jones.


This is a spoof of many different romance novels, including Twilight.  Yes, that was a major selling point for me.  *grin*  I haven’t read this novel yet, but did start into the first chapter and it appears to be hilarious, cheesy fun.  And since Jenn recommended it to me, I know it’s going to be fun throughout the whole book.  So… I just thought I’d toss it out as a recommendation to my blog followers as well.  You can click through to get the book by clicking on the image above.  It’s only $0.99 for Kindle so it’s a good deal.  Hope you enjoy!  🙂