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30 Mar

So in my last post I talked about all of the things I’m using to learn Japanese.  My problem is, though I think I have picked a good group of “tools” to work with… some days I just feel completely overwhelmed and don’t know what to work on first.  This would be one of those days.  So… I’m taking a moment to type up a blog post and try to sort my thoughts.  At the end I’ll have questions for any other people out there currently learning Japanese.

The current list of stuff I’d LIKE to accomplish this week that is still outstanding:

  • Genki – Re-read chapters 4-6, Redo workbook sections 4-6, as well as Katakana and Kanji sections 2-6
  • Basic Kanji – Work through lessons 3-5
  • Japanese In Mangaland – Complete Workbook Block 2
  • Japanese Demystified – Complete chapter 5 and take Part 1 Test
  • Yes Japan – Work through lessons 2 & 3
  • And of course, continue on with my Pimsleur in the car with my iPod & study Kanji & Vocabulary.

Unfortunately, it’s already Wednesday and tonight I’m feeling so overwhelmed I’m thinking of just giving myself a break.  However, I don’t want to do that so I’m trying to talk things out here to see if I can’t work out some kind of tentative schedule for all of the stuff listed above.

Wednesday – Genki chapter 4, Katakana lesson 2 & Kanji section 3

Thursday – Genki Chapter 5 & Kanji sections 4 & 5

Friday – Genki Chapter 6 & Japanese Demystified

Saturday – YesJapan 2 & 3, Japanese In Mangaland, & Kanji section 6

Sunday – Basic Kanji 3-5

Okay… so that’s a goal!  If I fall behind I won’t get mad at myself since I don’t really have any kind of deadline, but it’s best if I keep pushing forward!  I’m trying to not go any days without SOME kind of homework involved as I’m afraid I’ll get off track completely and stop the process altogether.  So, a little a day will go a long way.  However, I don’t want to leave it at just the Pimsleur stuff as I want to be able to read and write it as well so back to the homework I go!

My question to anyone out there reading my blog is… how are you studying?  What kind of agenda do you give yourself?  And what kind of “tools” are you using?