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Review: Unspeakable and Other Stories by Lucy Taylor

30 Jul

Lucy Taylor’s work has been recommended to me frequently, due to my love for erotic horror.  Earlier this year, I finally got to read a short story by her, and I enjoyed every word of it.  So I was ecstatic when our site was contacted by the author about reviewing her short story collection Unspeakable and Other Stories.  The collection is made up of eight short stories, which I believe have all been published previously in various anthologies/magazines.  There was not a story in this collection that I did not enjoy, but my three favorites would have to be (in no particular order) “Wall of Words”, “The Family Underwater”, and “A Hairy Chest, A Big Dick, and a Harley”.  Taylor has a special way of playing with words and twisting them around, making the reader think one thing, and then, when she unravels it all, showing  something entirely different.  Her endings were always a surprise to me, especially in “A Hairy Chest, A Big Dick, and a Harley”. Yes, her stories would be classified as erotic horror, but I don’t think many readers would find themselves wanting a warm body to make love to after having read her work.  Taylor’s stories are sensual yet disturbing and are more likely leave you fearing the lover beside you.  Gripping and chilling, I devoured this collection in small doses to make it last longer.  Highly Recommended!

Contains:  Adult language, Adult Situations, Sex

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The Mutilation Machination by Shaun Jeffrey

22 Feb

One of my favorite authors, Shaun Jeffrey, has released a new short story collection today called The Mutilation Machination.  This collection contains eight of Jeffrey’s short stories.  I can’t vouch for this particular collection, but I will say that I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read by Shaun Jeffrey so far and I definitely recommend giving him a try.  Especially considering the book will currently cost you NOTHING!  Yes, that’s right… it’s currently FREE!  I don’t know how long this price will last, but why wait?

And here are the books I’ve already read and enjoyed by this author.  Why not give some of them a try as well?  🙂