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Review: Sacrifice by Wrath James White

30 Jul

Odd crime scenes are popping up across town, starting with a man being eaten alive by his own dog,  soon followed by a school teacher being brutally beaten by his elementary school students.  The incidents don’t stop there, unfortunately, and Detective John Malloy and his partner Mohammed Rafik have a crazy case on their hands.  In addition to these reports, they also have been running an investigation on a bunch of missing little girls.  When Molloy and Rafik visit the parents’ houses, they notice that the parents don’t have any pictures up any more of their children, but do have a picture up of themselves with some strange looking woman.  Doing a bit more research around town, they find out that the other woman in the picture is a woman that goes by the name of Delilah, and she is some kind of voodoo priestess who has the power to take away a person’s pain… but at a cost.

I’ve yet to meet a Wrath James White book I haven’t liked and that goes for this one as well.  He always writes a strong story with vivid details and strong characters.  In particular, the character of Delilah that he has created in Sacrifice is one-of-a-kind, and I had a hard time deciding whether I loved her or hated her.  Her reasoning for doing what she does is good-natured, but the results are just so horrific that it’s hard to decide which outweighs the other.  That might not make sense to you now but I guarantee that if you read this novella, you will understand my conflict.  If you are familiar with White’s work, you will expect over-the-top gore, lots of violence, and hardcore sex in this novella.  Well… maybe not so much in this case.  There is still a little of each, but I’d say the gore and sex is majorly tamed down this time, which should allow readers that have avoided White’s work in the past due to those features a chance to give his writing a try.  He is a powerful writer and one that shouldn’t be missed.  

Note:  Sacrifice is a semi-sequel novella to White’s novel The Resurrectionist as it pulls in some of the same characters and reflects back on some of the events that took place in the novel.  In order to avoid spoilers to the novel, be sure to read it before this novella.  

Contains:  Adult language, Adult Situations, Gore, Sex, Graphic Violence

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Short Stories #14 & 15 – Rottweiler & Carrion by Wrath James White

15 Jan

Due to a major headache the other night I skipped a night of reading so there was no story post posted on 1/11/12.  So, to make up for this I’m doing a double feature tonight.  Both of these stories are by one of my favorite authors, Wrath James White, and both come from the anthology SMALL BITES.  If you’re not familiar with Wrath’s work he goes very in depth with detail and leans towards the grotesque.  Some people can’t handle his writing style, but I absolutely love it.

The story ROTTWEILER tells the story of a small child who has a baby-sitter that sexual abuses them.  When left alone one time, the pet rottweiler has been locked away so the child fears that they won’t be protected by their dog.  But this rottweiler, Hades is his name, isn’t your every day rottweiler and finds a way to save the day.

CARRION was the second story of Wrath’s I read in this collection.  It tells of a jealous boyfriend and how his jealousy gets the better of him.  The twist in the end of the story though put a major smile on my face.  You gotta love a happy ending!

I know I haven’t given much detail about either of these stories, but they are only 2-pagers which means most anything I could say would completely spoil the story from your own reading of it if you are able to stumble upon it one day.  This anthology is not easy to come by as I’ve mentioned before, but it’s definitely worth seeking out.  It was originally written in order to help raise money for Charles L. Grant who, at the time, was suffering from chronic Obstructive Plumonary Disease.  Unfortunately, Grant since passed away, leaving only his wonderful books and memory behind.

As an added bit of fun…

The story CARRION made me recall one of my favorite episodes of Tales From the Crypt titled Carrion Death.  This show has a different storyline than Wrath’s did, but has some similarities as well.  I just searched out the episode on YouTube and below you will find links to the full episode in three parts.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did the first time.

Part 1:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swm4rL7a1P4

Part 2:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZv3k6n87S8

Part 3:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4DtHDoR9jo