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#BigKindleBoogie – Now with more fire!

2 Feb


Some of you have probably been following my posts about the Big Kindle Boogie.  Well, today is the last day and things just got even more interesting!  Click on the picture above to go to the host blog and see what these authors have in store for us now.

Big Kindle Boogie – Free Books!!!

1 Feb

Today is the big day!  Well… and tomorrow!  🙂

The Big Kindle Boogie is fully underway now as there are more ways to enter over at the contest blog and a ton of free books have been made free today, including the special Ultimate Thriller Box Set pictured above which usually costs $9.99.

Below is a list of all the free books with links… check ’em out!

(note:  List below taken from:

These Kindle books are scheduled to be free on Amazon Feb. 1-2, but please be sure it says “Kindle price: $0.00” before you click for free. Some of the titles will also be free on Feb. 3 on a case-by-case basis. (U.K. Kindle users, simply replace the “com” in the address with “” to get the proper link)

Ultimate Thriller Box Set
Konrath, Crouch, Black, Goldberg, Nicholson





Konrath German Book:

Scott Nicholson

Scott’s UK Only

Scott’s One-days

Big Kindle Boogie Just Got Bigger!

31 Jan


10 Free Kindle Fires, 75 free ebooks, $300 in gift cards, a $500 library donation! Entries for 10 free Kindle Fires are already underway at and gift cards are bing randomly awarded on Twitter for those who tweet about the Big Kindle Boogie.


On Feb. 1-2, bestselling thriller authors J.A. Konrath, Blake Crouch, Scott Nicholson, Lee Goldberg, and Scott Nicholson are making 75 Kindle books free on Amazon. They are also making a $500 donation to the local library of one Kindle Fire winner. They are also releasing the five-book Ultimate Thriller Box Set for free during the event. Contest is international, no purchase necessary. You can also join the Facebook party at


Three easy ways to enter:

Everything free, everything fun. Good luck!

Big Kindle Boogie

29 Jan

As promised… here are the details for the BIG KINDLE BOOGIE:

“Thriller authors J.A. Konrath, Blake Crouch, J. Carson Black, Lee Goldberg, and Scott Nicholson would like to invite you to our Kindle party. The main event is Feb. 1-2, but entries start now–just visit our event blog at bigkindleboogie at blogspot dot com to begin entering and helping the party grow! Everything free, everything fun.”

For more info, click on the contest image below…

#Epickindlegiveaway – Is it really over?

16 Jan


The Kindle fairy has offered one last hurrah for the most EPIC contest ever.  I really hate to see all the fun end but am anxious to see the winners announced tomorrow.  Good luck to all entrants!  And thanks again to the four most awesome authors listed on the above picture!!!

#EpicKindleGiveaway – WAIT! There’s more!!!

13 Jan

So I took the time to go out on a double-date to dinner and a movie and what to I come back to find???  Wait for it…

The #EpicKindleGiveaway has increased from not giving away just four Kindle Fires, but EIGHT!!!!  Yes, you read that right… Eight Kindle Fires will be given away to lucky winners that have been working hard the last 3 days to promote the amazing contest that Scott Nicholson, J.R. Rain, Aiden James, and H.T. Night have thrown together.  There is still about an hour to enter so be sure to stop by the contest blog!

Free Kindle Book Set

13 Jan

For the #epickindlegiveaway we are trying to get one of the author’s books at least into the #1 spot of the Amazon Top 100 Free Kindle Books List.  Currently Scott Nicholson’s 4-book Library Vol. 4 is in 3rd place so it needs a small boost more to hit #1.  Can you help us and spread the word?  And while you’re at it… be sure to sign up for the #epickindlegiveaway.  Today is the last day to enter so hurry!!!

Final day of the #EpicKindleGiveaway

13 Jan


This is it… the final day of the most EPIC Kindle contest ever.  If you haven’t already, head over to the contest blog for this amazing contest and enter today!!!

Special thanks to  Scott Nicholson, J.R. RainAiden James, and H.T. Night for putting together such an EPIC contest.  You have done an amazing job spreading the word.  Also, thanks for the unbelievable generosity you have shown in giving away so many free books and other goodies the past few days.

It would be absolutely amazing to win the Kindle Fire, but with all the fun I’ve had spreading the word & downloading book after book, I already consider myself a big winner.  Now to find time to read all the new treasures!

Happy Reading & Good Luck Everyone!!!

Short Story #11 – Eat Me by Scott Nicholson

12 Jan

In honor of the #epickindlegiveaway that Scott Nicholson and a few other authors are hosting  (see my previous blog post for details), I decided tonight’s short story read should be one of Scott’s.  So I chose another little quick 2-page story from the collection SMALL BITES. This was in the zombie section and titled EAT ME.  If I hadn’t known this was supposed to be a zombie story it could almost have been a cannibalistic story in the sense that these two people were eating each other, however one seemed to have a bigger craving than the other since they outlived (or should I say, became undead) them.  Yes, this story is only two pages long, but Scott makes a huge impact with what few words he has worked with.  It’s extremely lyrical and well-written.  Just a great little “piece”.  (pun fully intended)

This book is hard to come by, but there are many, MANY great reads by Scott over at Amazon readily available for your Kindle or Kindle app and if you stop by today and tomorrow you will find a lot of them for absolutely free.  So don’t delay… head over to Amazon now!


12 Jan

If you haven’t been following all the chaos on Twitter & Facebook for the past week or so regarding the Epic Kindle Giveaway, then you must live in a hole somewhere or completely avoid anything and everything related to books.  And if that’s the case… 1) you probably won’t stumble upon this blog post anyway and 2) I feel very, VERY sorry for you!  I won’t ramble on and on about how I feel about reading and what you can get out of it, but c’mon people… reading is fun!

As for those that do like to read… Scott Nicholson, J.R. Rain, Aiden James, and H.T. Night have put together an absolutely amazing contest!  They are giving away $1,000 in prizes, including four Kindle Fires, $200 in Amazon gift cards, and 45 free Kindle books.  There is a chance, as well, of two more Kindle Fires being added to the mix if we can get their books bumped up to #1 on the Amazon list.  And I’m not talking about you having to BUY any books… that’s the even better thing… they are FREE!!!  That’s right… absolutely free!  If you visit the event blog there is a list of all the FREE books on the left side.  Just click through to amazon and “buy” them all right away.  If we can get at least one of the books to #1 on the “top 100 free Kindle books” another Kindle Fire is added as a prize.  And if we can fill the top 10 spots with books by these authors they’ll put in another.  What’s the harm?  You get chances at awesome prizes and if nothing else, you have free Kindle books to read.

You say “but I don’t have a Kindle to read the FREE books on so why download?”.  Pish posh!  Download the Kindle App on your computer, on your smart phone, or on a tablet.  If you don’t have any of these things… well, maybe you’ll win the Fire!  🙂

Say it with me now…